The Michigan Fair Contracting Center (MFCC) serves the construction industry statewide by offering services directed at educating and informing project owners, contracting agencies, prospective bidders, contractors and construction workers on local, state, and/or federally financed construction projects about applicable wage statutes. Services offered include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Assisting bidders, project owners, construction managers and construction workers with applicable wages for any given project, classification, or location.
  2. Monitoring projects to determine Prevailing Wage Compliance.
  3. Mediating contractor/worker differences regarding Prevailing Wage in an effort to resolve disputes at the project site, thus avoiding the need for filing claims to the contracting agency.
  4. Assisting construction workers in validating claims for referral to the appropriate regulatory/enforcement agencies when Prevailing Wage disputes cannot be resolved between the parties.
  5. Assisting employers in understanding and maintaining compliance with Prevailing Wage laws.
  6. MFCC also provides educational outreach programs to municipalities, county and state agencies, providing guidance and informational literature as required.

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